Welcome to Montrose Free Trade!!!

Feel free to look around, see whats good, and start trading!

General Guidelines:

The purpose of the barter economy is to transition away from the monetary economy. This isn’t a place to sell your goods, market your business, or expand your clientele. This is a currency free economy, based on the trading of goods and services, so take your money elsewhere folks!

Remember that everybody’s time is equally valuable. If you are trading services then everyone’s hour is the same. Regardless if that hour is spent cutting hair, fixing a car, offering nutrition advice, tutoring a child, cleaning house; all should be deemed equally important and receive the same amount of time in exchange. Please refrain from the exploitation of labor, by pandering to hierarchical notions that certain forms of work are inherently superior to others. All people are of equal value and therefore the work that they do is also of equal value.